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IT Ethics and Security Essay Example for Free

IT Ethics and Security Essay The bill of Children’s Internet Protection Act or CIPA is remembered for the United States Congress and is prescribed to keep a firm grip on children’s exposure to vulgar sites and unequivocal material accessible on the web and on the web. This bill was proposed by the Senator of Arizona, Mr. John McCain who needed CIPA to be in United States Senate in the year 1999; anyway it was excluded until different agents propelled it in the United States House of Representatives, ensuing to which an outright form was made and passed on the fifteenth December, 2000 after President Bill Clinton welcomed it into Law on 21st December, 2000 which following a couple of years on 23rd June, 2003 at long last got shielded by the Supreme Court of United States of America (US District Pennsylvania, 2010). This law requires the schools and open libraries to utilize web wellbeing channels for the gathering of certain national budgetary help. In this way the Supreme Court of United States of America has followed on defendability CIPA and has been furnishing them with the soothes to secure sensibly estimated broadcast communications and Internet (Willard, 2007). Preeminent Court of United States of America’s managing on CIPA The reason for CIPA was to give the libraries and schools of the USA with help for web and media transmission offices and this has been followed consummately since the Supreme Court of USA endorsed it anyway it has certain confinement. A lawful trepidation for teachers is claims brought through on edge guardians and affiliations. Through certain web channels the minors can be spared from the unequivocal substance on the web which may decay their brains at an early age so this aides in keeping the information of school from being seen by some different sources and, along these lines from all focuses give most extreme security to the youngsters and their families (US District Pennsylvania, 2010). As referenced there are sure restriction to the help program which incorporates that according to CIPA, schools and libraries under CIPA don't acquire the concession available through the E-rate program, which is a concession that gives the office of web to schools and libraries, until they affirm that they have all the web safety efforts set up which incorporate the channel of blockage of pictures which are indecent, which may contain unequivocal material or certain information which may be awful for the children’s mind, subsequently the schools which have CIPA office need to have legitimate observing framework which is too under check of the USA specialists jus in the event of any infringement (Willard, 2007). Likewise the instructive organizations and libraries under the watch and help of CIPA need to execute a power and are asked going to check the youngsters while they utilize the web, send any electronic mail or utilize a visiting asset through the web while extraordinary beware of certain hacking or abuse of web by a minor is done and all the data is under management of the specialists anyway it needn't bother with following of web and the sites utilized by the kids or any grown-up during the coercion to CIPA as it very well may be finished by the director of where the web is being utilized (US District Pennsylvania, 2010). Henceforth this has been perhaps the best advance taken by the United States government and without a doubt has a splendid beneficial outcome on the minors as they gain proficiency with the utilization of web as well as ensured through it. End The US government has consistently made strides for the improvement of its resident and the ones through which they can be profited in this manner this strides of CIPA administering under the Supreme Court of the USA merits gratefulness and particularly the individuals who give assets to support the schools and libraries running and give offices the youthful personalities

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Conflict Is an Ever-Present and Ongoing Aspect of People’s Lives Essay

3 Steps to Acing Your Upcoming Group Interview You’ve been approached in for a board meet. Perhaps you’re threatened. Perhaps frightened. Possibly you’re not even sure you comprehend what that really involves. Whatever your degree of fear, here are three simple strides to traversing your board meet tranquilly and in one piece. Stage 1: BEFOREYou reserve the privilege to ask who will be on your board. Do this. At that point inquire about each board part as well as could be expected. You’ll have the option to make sense of a considerable amount and get ready better for what each may be generally quick to ask you. What does this specific gathering of individuals educate you regarding what the organization is attempting to assess?You can likewise ask to what extent (generally) the meeting should last. This will give you a nice sentiment for what amount to and fro conversation will be conceivable, how much space you’ll be given to pose inquiries, to what extent your answers can be, etc.Step 2: DURING Treat every individual on the board like an individual not simply one more anonymous face. This isn't an indifferent divider asking you inquiries. Every questioner on your board is another chance to make a human association and persuade that a lot more individuals in the organization what an extraordinary fit you would be.Be sure to observe everybody’s name as they are presented. Record every one if that causes you recall. When responding to questions, talk straightforwardly to the person who asked, yet then attempt to widen your answer out to cause the remainder of the board to feel remembered for the discussion.Step 3: AFTERYou’ve took in their names and put forth an attempt to interface with each board part presently thank every single one of them earnestly withâ solid eye to eye connection and a quality handshake. From that point forward, it’s the typical post-meet follow-up methodology. Be that as it may, recall that you have to keep in touch with one card to say thanks for each board part. It appears to be a torment, however it’s these little contacts that will help set you apart.The board talk with: 6 hints for previously, during, and after

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Algorithm For Segmentation Of Urdu Script English Language Essay

Calculation For Segmentation Of Urdu Script English Language Essay Division of content assumes an indispensable job in content acknowledgment. It is fundamental to comprehend the content that is utilized recorded as a hard copy a report before creating or utilizing a model to remember it. Chain codes and so forth. In ligature model, word model is utilized at record, page and word level for division. Our calculation for division of Urdu content utilized character model and Hidden Markov Model (HMM) to improve work done beforehand. We have removed highlights from pictures and determined the greatest probability to coordinate characters in derivation calculation with a component separated from a book test. The principle highlights utilized in the framework will be pre-handling, associated part examination, acknowledgment and division of content up to character level. The calculation will give a way to execute a Urdu OCR framework based on the character model. Catchphrases Preprocessing, Segmentation of characters, character model, Optical character acknowledgment (OCR), max and argmax. Presentation We utilize an OCR framework/scanner to get pictures of content [1]. Into preprocessing picture will be changed over to silent B/W picture. 1.1 Segmentation Division is partitioning a picture into littler fragments or pieces [2]. Division happens on two levels. From the start level both content and designs are isolated for additional preparing. At second level, division is performed on content to isolate passages, words, and characters and so on. Division of content can be performed on an archive, page, section and character levels [3]. They proposed different division approaches specifically [4]. All encompassing Method Division based methodology Division free methodology In all encompassing strategy entire word is characterized utilizing a word reference, the highlights of test input are coordinated against prepared models [5]. The impediment is that the strategy isn't useful for bigger classes and it must be utilized with the other two strategies. Division isolates a word into littler portions. The picture of the word is separated into a few substances called graphemes [4]. Division relies upon human instinct. In division free methodology character model can be utilized to link characters and structure words. For example division free methodology can be founded on Hidden Markov Model (HMM) that is a stochastic model. 1.2. Urdu Language and Text Segmentation Urdu is a cursive (composed with the characters joined) composing language. Urdu language characters are comparable fit as a fiddle and have bends that make it hard to perceive by a machine. In addition it has more than one image to speak to a character. Because of its cursive nature characters/contents in Urdu language are difficult to perceive by a PC program. An exceptionally precise method is expected to perceive/comprehend Urdu characters. Urdu characters have four rudimentary shapes Essential Symbols (38 Symbols) Table 1 shows the essential images/shapes for Urdu Language. Starting Symbols (26 Symbols) Table 2 shows the essential images/shapes for Urdu Language. Mid Symbols (40 Symbols) Table 3 shows the fundamental images/shapes for Urdu Language. Different Symbols This incorporates images for numbers, uncommon images like zabar, zair, paish and so on. The image tables, Table 1, Table 2, Table3 and Table 4, for Urdu language are given beneath as: Table1. Fundamental Symbols Table 2. Starting Symbols Table 3. Mid Symbols Table 4. Different Symbols We utilized Urdu content Nastaliq for our work. We removed pictures for Urdu character set like essential, starting, mid and different images utilizing accessible Nastaliq textual style. Writing Review In an auxiliary way to deal with content distinguishing proof, stroke geometry has been used for content portrayal and ID [6]. Singular character pictures in a report are characterized either by applying a model order or by utilizing bolster vector machine. Ligatures are utilized for division/acknowledgment of Urdu characters. The ligature is an arrangement of characters in a word isolated by non-joiner characters like space. Their methodology in [1] utilized ligature model and it is separated into two phases: Line Segmentation Line division manages the recognition of content lines in the picture. The picture is checked on a level plane from option to left heading, upwards to downwards, looking for a book pixel. A while later, it is resolved whether this pixel has a place with an essential ligature or an auxiliary ligature as appeared in Fig 1. The freeman chain codes (FCC) of the ligature are contrasted and right now determined FCC of the auxiliary ligatures. Character Segmentation The content is skeletonized and a mark network is built which contains the identifiers of all ligatures in the picture. The situation of individual characters in a word is resolved. Division is finished utilizing essential ligatures as it were. Fig 1. (a) Urdu word (b) Seven ligatures (c) Three Primary ligatures (d) Four Secondary ligatures [7]. Confinements of the strategy are: right off the bat, they performed division based on essential ligatures just, in this way, it won't separate among seen and sheen since it will overlook auxiliary ligatures for example dabs. Besides, word reference of pictures put away for preparing will be gigantic. Thirdly, there are issues of over division and under division. In [8], they have proposed a ligature and word model for Urdu word division. It was done in three stages: In first stage, information is gathered. They recognized Ligatures and determined word probabilities utilizing probabilistic measure. From the information set of ligatures, all successions of words are created and positioned utilizing the vocabulary query. In the second stage, top k groupings are chosen utilizing a chose bar an incentive for additional preparing. It utilizes legitimate words heuristic for determination process. In the third stage, most extreme plausible grouping from these k word successions is chosen. Their strategy utilized word reference of ligatures/words, chain codes, and to discover best plausible groupings they utilized HMM toolbox HTK to perceive a word/ligature. They have suggested that their work can be additionally improved by utilizing the character model for Urdu content division [9]. A poor division will prompt poor acknowledgment [10]. They separated picture into littler squares, check for consistency, bunch uniform square utilizing shading closeness and recognize message in this square [11]. They utilized edge thickness based commotion discovery to section out content regions in video/pictures [12]. Division of a picture into content and non-content locales impact execution in OCR improvement [13]. They proposed line division technique utilizing histogram evening out, demonstrated different issues and content line into ligature utilizing chain codes [14]. They introduced bouncing box based methodology for division of chapter by chapter list in Urdu content [15]. They broke down level and vertical projection profiles for line and character division. Misclassification happens at character level [16]. They proposed content line extraction utilizing vertical projection, denoting all focuses where pixel esteems are not found and content line into ligatures utilizing stroke geometry [17]. They proposed distinguishing proof of fractional words (for example associated segments) in content line and utilizing level/vertical projections to recognize words utilizing relative separation coordinating [18]. They utilized word reference for content line and ligature division in online content [19]. Issue Statement Past work has restrictions that it can't accurately perform division in barely any cases and there will be misclassification issues. In addition it can perceive a constrained arrangement of associated segments or ligatures in particular. Proposed Segmentation Algorithm We will upgrade past work by proposing an improved calculation for Urdu content division that will utilize a character model. For this reason we have made a lot of characters. There are around 114 characters barring some extraordinary characters like zabar, zair, paish and so on. We have utilized characters of fixed size and style in this work. We are utilizing all the varieties of each character in a composing style for example cove has three shapes a fundamental, a start and mid shapes. Our calculation utilizes a character model with Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) for division of Urdu content. As far as we could possibly know, this work has not been done beforehand. We have disconnected content i.e., checked pre-handled B/W Urdu characters and we are utilizing Matlab ver. 7.12 as programming apparatus. 4.1 Our Method Our strategy is separated into three expansive advances: Step#1 Data Acquisition/Feature Extraction: In the initial step, calculation changes pictures of images into twofold structure as a grid. At that point remove highlights from the pictures utilizing our component extraction program and store it into a plate. These highlights are spoken to as shrouded states: X(i) = { x(0), x(1), . . . , x (k)} where every X (I) speaks to an element (in network structure) for each shape in a Urdu character set; x (k) is a position vector in the framework X (I). Step#2 Get Observed information: The watched information contain successions of Urdu characters. In our examination we have utilized a line of Urdu content. In the wake of securing this separated picture, we have changed it into twofold structure. At that point extricated highlights from a picture utilizing our element extraction program. This element contains a few Urdu characters in it. The calculation will filter it and perform division by figuring greatest probabilities with shrouded states and finding perceptions in highlight utilizing HMMs. These perceptions structure detectable states: O(i) = { o(0), o(1), . . . , o(k)} where each O(i) speaks to highlight (in framework structure) for each shape in watched states; o(k) is a positional vector in lattice O(i). Step#3 Apply HMMs: We are given: Shrouded states: X(i) = { x(1), x(2), . . . , x(k)} where I = 1,2, †¦ , m (for m characters). Discernible states: O(i) = { o(1), o(2), . . . , o(k)} where I = 1,2, †¦ , n. Starting Distribution X(0). In a shrouded Markov model the state variable x(i) is perceptible just through its estimations o(i). Presently

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Barbara Ehrenreichs Pathologies of Hope Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Barbara Ehrenreichs Pathologies of Hope - Essay Example The reason for existing of Ehrenreich's paper is to persuade her perusers that expectation is being showcased as a celebrated fix just for each inconvenience in contemporary society. She means to annihilate the legend that expectation is the way to joy. Ehrenreich contends that expectation has negative impacts and backers a progressively practical mentality towards life. Ehrenreich’s analysis of expectation as an all inclusive solution forever is legitimate, however her stand may not be material to each person. Ehrenreich completely announces, â€Å"I abhor hope.† She laments that the showcasing of expectation has become a significant â€Å"self-improvement industry† in America, with self improvement guides, life-improvement mentors and powerful orator building up an expanding â€Å"Cult of Positivity.† Positive brain science takes on scholastic qualifications with the development of courses in presumed school grounds. Ehrenreich surrenders that the support of a plainly inspirational disposition is totally supportive of the benefit of social communication. Be that as it may, she items to the silliness of sticking on to hopeful speculation, regardless of the real gravity of the circumstance. She likens such baseless expectation as being distant from the real world. She censures the strain to clutch an inspirational disposition â€Å"whether or not it is advocated by the genuine circumstances† (Ehrenreich). Ehrenreich calls attention to that even the scholastically credentialed positive clinicians concede that â€Å"a sound portion of negative thinking† is fundamental for certain circumstances, for example, steering a plane. They additionally surrender that their standards don't make a difference to individuals living under outrageous states of pressure, for example, neediness of war. Ehrenreich stretches out these guides to different cases, for example, vehicle driving and kid raising. She questions the legitimacy of studies which guarantee to demonstrate â€Å"the wellbeing improving impacts of positivity† and its commitment to joy or accomplishment at the work environment.

Implementation of Electronic Medical Records

Usage of Electronic Medical Records Presentation Data innovation has as of late become one of the most dependable advancements in proficient assistance conveyance. Execution of the framework inside wellbeing area is seen as a move in decreasing clinical mistakes, thus advancing patient security just as lessening costs. Be that as it may, usage of the new models requires assortment of quantifiable components fit for making an effect on understanding wellbeing activities (Borkowski, 2009). Proposition on Implementation of EMR Electronic Medical Records are related with numerous capacities inside the human services framework. Quiet wellbeing records contain significant data, for example, persistent medicinal services, monetary breakdown, legitimate data just as itemized research and quality improvement cases. Such data is constantly vital inside the clinical field, consequently it should be shared among numerous expert doctors inside the medicinal services field. Such interest makes it somewhat awkward to utilize paper wellbeing records requiring the improvement of a computerized wellbeing recording framework. Electronic Medical Record will give opportunities to improving nature of care and patient security inside wellbeing associations. The framework will help in giving answer for the test of managing incorporated medicinal services conveyance by giving point by point, solid and available convenient data on persistent wellbeing status over the clinical field whether in essential or auxiliary social insurance. The EMR will lessen the expenses on keeping paper records just as diminishing wasteful aspects inside human services part. The EMR has expanded capacity abilities empowering information to be put away from any area and for longer timeframes, empowering moment recovery of data to numerous individuals even in remote destinations (Young, 200, p 99). The thought on discontinuity of clinical records presented by paper records will be limited henceforth decreasing costs, which could have been in any case caused on present and future patient consideration (Schloeffel, 2001, p 1). The inherent knowledge capacities of the EMR framework will help with perceiving strange research center outcomes. The framework gives effective access to conventions, care plans, basic ways and different databases on human services information, for example, pharmaceutical data (Borkowski, 2009). Start-up expenses may be of burden to numerous since it very well may be inordinate now and again. Distribution of money to data framework gives included costs medicinal services use. Another burden is that it requires considerable specialized information for the framework to be utilized effectively. This requires all the doctors and clinicians to have earlier information on the framework activity for motivations behind acknowledging advantages of intelligent on-line choice help (Borkowski, 2009). Proposition on Implementation of CPOE Automated Physician Order Entry (CPOE) presents one of the purpose of-care items which will help in assuming the key job in managing the cases concerning quiet security goals. The framework includes electronic correspondence of requests just as nitty gritty convention for checking against sedate references and other clinical data. CPOE is doctor centered and will help in the issues of creating less prescription translation just as request mistakes. The instrument will help most doctors in choosing right prescription and treatments for every patient. The equipment’s capacity to redo requesting procedures will aid simple distinguishing proof of doctor needs and above all take into account anticipation of issue event by counter checking mistakes before consummation of any request. The following framework engaged with this innovation will support clinicians and doctors to assess their activities and contrast with those of their companions notwithstanding looking at treatment suggestions inside the given principles and rules (Borkowski, 2009). In any case, the CPOE may not be successful all alone until it is incorporated together with other urgent clinical data frameworks. Another weakness is that there is still chance of bringing about blunders inside the framework inferable from the characteristic supposition that PCs are in every case right. There are likewise numerous means engaged with working various screens required for finishing of request marking. This ends up being tedious when utilized by numerous individuals is simultaneously. Visit PC access probably won't be conceivable, particularly in situations where just scarcely any PC stations are accessible regardless of numerous clients (Borkowski, 2009). Changes inside associations regularly happen either as arranged or spontaneous. Arranged changes are known to emerge from either single or arrangement of changes connected to association objectives and targets. While spontaneous changes regularly emerge because of the surprising vulnerabilities inside the association. Different changes are required for the motivations behind fusing the cutting edge modernized gear with the workplace. The change experiences three natural stages including; cultural condition, task condition then at long last inside condition. Inside the cultural condition, EMR innovation should be endorsed by the legitimate specialists inside the legislature by taking a gander at its mechanical and affordable effects inside the wellbeing part (Borkowski, 2009). Innovatively the hardware has the capacity of accelerating the account on singular wellbeing matters just as capacity to store enormous measure of information and sharing it over wide territory inside the most limited time conceivable. It saves money on costs since it makes wellbeing records accessible close enough for clinical specialists and patients. The socio-social powers which will in general contradict the idea of the records in uncovering patients clinical records to the general population would be managed by promising secrecy to the patients’ clinical data using indicated passwords. Just the patients and believed doctors would be permitted to utilize the predetermined secret phrase at whatever point they need to get to the patient’s clinical data for the motivations behind further treatment. Lawful acts like the HIPAA would be authorized to guarantee that intense measures, including fines are forced on those attempting to abuse individual’s clinical records unfairly. In certain spots, businesses utilize clinical records to segregate people on work openings (Borkowski, 2009). The errand condition incorporates a few players, for example, representatives, specific vested parties, contenders, clients among others. Managing contenders will call for promoting the unrivaled capacities and characteristics of the innovation. Workers would be put on exhaustive preparing on the most proficient method to utilize the gear privately without loosing on the certainty of the patients concerning their clinical records. Providers would be blessed with the undertaking of working with PC experts for the motivations behind EMR establishments. Interior powers identified with the structures, forms just as assets inside the associations which on occasion lead to low overall revenues could be tended to by guaranteeing the proficiency of the gear through conveyance. This could save money on costs required for the capacity of enormous measure of archives; the innovation would too bind every clinical datum to one source making it simpler for administrations to be conveyed without divided procedures (Borkowski, 2009). A portion of the difficulties included incorporate such cases as absence of self-rule, particularly in the process when patient’s information is shared among medicinal services suppliers without illuminating the patient. The introduction of patient’s information doesn't ensure devotion in any capacity since it very well may be taken by obscure gatherings. This could undoubtedly prompt traded off treatment inside the general public since patients might be overpowered by dread of presentation. Clashes emerge inside the clinical moral standards concerning security of patient wellbeing records. There is a penetrate on classification and right to security on the patients. Consequently patients can without much of a stretch be segregated inside the commercial center as referenced before in the article (U.S. Branch of Health and Human Services, 1998). PC based Electronic Health Records presents one of the mechanical advances inside human services framework. Such innovation is of incredible advantage in wellbeing segment since it has helped in improving the degree of access and quality at moderate expenses. On a similar note, automated framework will help in giving precise data on charging thus permitting doctors to advance any installment asserts electronically. This would guarantee convenient and effective installment to human services suppliers. It would spare the patient tumultuous time, which may emerge in giving data again and again at whatever point they look for clinical consideration (Lohr, 2007). The utilization of mechanized clinical frameworks empowers enhancement for the nature of care gave and furthermore ensures decrease in clinical blunders. There is improvement in the degree of proficiency and decrease in clinical expenses since the strategies empower simple coordination between medicinal services suppliers on patient’s care. The framework would empower smooth exchange of data, taking out the conceivable outcomes which had before been knowledgeable about duplication of wellbeing data by the outsiders (Hartzband and Groopman, 2008). References Borkowski, Nancy. (2009). Authoritative Behavior, Theory, and Design in Health Care. NY: Jones Bartlett Ppublishers. Hartzband, P. Groopman, J. (2008). Keeping away from the Pitfalls of Going Electronic? New England Journal of Medicine, (358), 1656-1658. Lohr, S. (2007, June 11). Dangers and Rewards; Who Pays for Efficiency. New York Times. Web. Schloeffel, P. (2001). Foundation and Overview of the Good Electronic Health Record. Recovered from U.S. Division of Health and Human Services. (1998). Security and Electronic Signature Standards; Proposed Rule. The Federal Register, 45 (142). Youthful, K. M. (2000). Advise

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Peacebuilding Scholarship Essay Samples - Find Out How Your Writing Will Be Reported

Peacebuilding Scholarship Essay Samples - Find Out How Your Writing Will Be ReportedPeacebuilding scholarship essay samples are one of the best places to find excellent examples. By providing a sample essay in your area of expertise, you will be able to see how well you express yourself in a concise manner. By writing a letter that allows other students to read it, you will be able to let them know what you have to offer. A formal letter is a powerful tool and having one as part of your portfolio will help you get your future jobs.Peacebuilding essay samples allow you to hone your skills before a career-changing application is due. You can use them to practice in preparing a nice resume. A letter can help you give a glimpse into the character that you are, and it can also provide you with ideas about what kind of person you want to be.It may seem like a good idea to sit down and write an essay on a topic that you are familiar with. Even if you have no background in the subject, you c an still find some great samples of good ones. There are many organizations that have a wide range of topic areas that they want to promote.You can find them by looking online or searching for them in your local newspaper. If you have a specific topic in mind, you should do a little research before you start writing. After all, most people want to work for peace, not war.Find out what people think about it. If there is anything else you would like to add to it, that should be on the list too.These ideas will help you get to know what people think about different reasons why people go into certain occupations. From here, you will be able to understand how to write a document that can spark someone's interest.Peacebuilding scholarship essay samples are a wonderful resource that can help you stay on top of the conversation. As a graduate student, you should use them to gauge how well you are doing, and how much you need to improve.

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Retention rate on Organizational performance - Free Essay Example

KFC is one of the busiest fast food industries in UK and it is based in USA. KFC has big market share in UK. KFC provides training and good career path to its employees. KFC faces problems to meet business objectives, increasing customer satisfaction. To overcome difficulties and increasing organizational performances KFC wants to finds out the impact of retention rate on organizational performance. This is one month survey conducting with KFC employees and various secondary resources. Various articles, journals, newspaper and magazines have been collected to find out the information on motivation and organizational performance. 30 employees have been communicated via email to collect primary data. The primary and secondary data show that motivation has major impact on organizational performance. If organization can motivated its employees then performance of employees with a high volume. Employees attitude towards motivation is very positive. Employees want motivation rather than any other things. From the research it is clear that if KFC can improves its motivational strategy it can increase its organization performance. TITLE Impact of Retention Rate on Organizational Performance 2. INTRODUCTION Employee retention is a process through which the organization can keep its employees with a certain period of time. Retention is good for both employee and organization. The objectives of the research are about employees retention and organizational performance. Beginning of the research paper describes briefly about the research topic. It has three different parts. The paper is started by pointing out the research topic and its impact. After that the main parts are discussed. Among the three main parts the initial one is Research Proposal. The research proposal starts with the hypothesis. After selecting hypothesis the research proposal describe briefly about the organization. After that the research proposal describes about the context and rational, reason for research, aim, objectives, literature review, methodology, resources and action plan. The next part of the research is Actual Research. It has research design, data collection, and data analysis. The ending par t of the research is Presentation and Evaluation. It is about the analysis of findings, methodology evaluation, conclusion and recommendation. The references, bibliography and appendix are also included with the research. 3. RESEARCH PROPOSAL 3.1 Hypothesis If retention rate is related to organizational performance, than by increasing employees retention rate will increases organizational performance. 3.2 Background Theory Employee retention is the main concern of almost all of the organizations. Basically, small businesses suffer more because of employees high expectation. There are many firms; offer little benefits last 10 years or so. Now-a-days employees need and wants growing every day. Employees want more than their salary. As a result employee turnover is increasing. On the other side the importance of retention become very important for every organization. (Kim McLean, 2008). Employee retention always increases organizational performances. Retention also encourages current employees to remain with the organization. Long term service of employees means they are efficient and effective to their job duties. Again they know very well how to job done. On the other side retention can save several costs to the organization. Such as, hiring cost, training cost, productivity cost, replacement cost and efficiency cost. (Workforce Planning for Wisconsin State Government, 2005). Employee retention has se veral benefit but employees turnovers has several disadvantages. Some of the article shows that, turnover is a silent but significant profit killer. (Kottolli, 2010). 3.3 Brief Summary to the Organisation KFC is one of the busiest fast food industries in UK and it is based in USA. KFC has big market share in UK. KFC provides training and good career path to its employees. The company was founded as Kentucky Fried Chicken by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952. At present KFC have more than 24,000 employees. KFC operates all over the world and its main business trend is Halal food. 3.4 Context and Rational 3.4.1 Problems Faced by KFC Today KFC faces some problem with its employees turnover. Employees do not paying attention to their job duties. They turn up late and try to go home early. They are not very active as they used to in 2008. Customers often complain to the manager that, employees are serving very late. They are more concentrated in gossiping with each others. Some of the KFC stores take 5 to 10 minute to serve customer even though there is only one customer. Some employees are giving resignation without having informed. Due to frequent change of employees, customer dissatisfaction is growing day by day. Lack of concentration of employees and their carelessness shows that employees are not loyal to KFC. Sometimes managers also support employees and careless about KFC code of conducts. 3.4.2 Reasons for the Research KFC undertakes the research to find the ways retain its employees. Employees turnover is growing day by day. KFC wants to keeps its employees in order to provide high level of customer service. KFC also wants to reduce the cost of hiring, training and efficient cost. If employees turnover rate decreases KFC can increase its market share. Also it is possible for KFC to increase its customer satisfaction and bring back previous business reputation. 3.5 Aim The aim of the research is to discover the impact of employees retention rate on organizational performance. 3.6 Objectives A list of the objectives of the research has given below: To reduce employee turnover To increase customer satisfaction To increase employee satisfaction 3.7 Literature Review According to Robert L. Mathis, John H. Jackson in their book, Retention of human resources must be viewed as a strategic business issue. Retention of employees has several benefits and advantages. Employees are getting high level skills when they working same environment for long period of time. But, the result of employees turnover is vital for the company. If an efficient employee gives resign company need to appoint new people. The new employee is not efficient and cannot provide satisfactory level customer service. That cost higher for the company. To support employee retention an article can help further. The world leading company shows high level of employee retention programme. As a result employees are providing high level service and working hard for the organization. Anne bruce (2006), described in his article, how to motivate every employee. He also described, how Google manage its employees retain with its. He described that, like at Google, one of the webs most suc cessful and growing search engines. Here employees play roller hockey during work hours, bring their dogs to work, and eat lunch and the company cafe. The result ? Employees work long, hard hours and love their jobs. Again, survey and research on employee retention is an issue since the early age of industry revolution. A survey takes place in 1980. The focus of the survey was on the employee retention. The survey demonstrated that, people want more from work than money. An early study of thousands of workers and managers by the American Psychological Association clearly demonstrated this. While managers predicted the most important motivational aspect of work for people would be money, personal time and attention from the supervisor was cited by workers as most rewarding for them at work. In a recent Workforce article, The Ten Ironies of Motivation, reward and recognition guru, Bob Nelson, says, More than anything else, employees want to be valued for a job well done by those they hold in high esteem. He adds that people want to be treated as if they are adult human beings. Another article described that, We knew from past experience that Love2reward offered a great product and service (for our employee retention scheme). Its all about giving our team what they want, and feedback tells us that weve got it right Pizza Express UK. 3.8 Methodology 3.8.1 Chosen Methodology It is easy and very reliable to use qualitative and quantitative methods together. There is a method that gives chance to use qualitative and quantitative methods together and it is, Triangulation of Positivistic and Phenomenological Paradigms. For this research the Triangulation of Positivistic and Phenomenological Paradigms is selected as methodology. Triangulation of Positivistic and Phenomenological Paradigms uses both quantitative and qualitative methods for this research. 3.8.2 Evaluation of Methodology The methodology is very effective for the research as it uses both qualitative and quantitative methods at the same time. If the results of two methods are same, then the result of the research will consistent. Again the methodology of the research collects data from secondary sources and primary sources as well. It has no chance to gives a false result. Therefore the methodology is very effective for the research. 3.8.3 Limitations of Methodology The methodology uses two methods at the same times. This is the main limitation of the research. Because, the variation of results of two methods make the whole research value less. Again, in case of different result from the two methods, the research needs to do again. It is very costly and time consuming. The methodology has some other limitations too. It uses two methods. But it is very difficult to select two methods for one research. 3.9 Resources A short list of the resources has provided below: Computer with the Internet connection Internet for articles and journals Books and articles Library access for recent magazines and newspapers 3.10 Action Plan A Gantt chart has prepared for the action plan. The Gantt chart is included in the appendix section. 4. ACTUAL RESEARCH 4.1 Research Design 4.1.1 Step-by-step Design Stage 1: Define Research Topic and Describe Research ProposalThe step-by-step research design has shown below: Stage 2: Extensive Research on Literature Stage 3: Find out suitable methodology and creating research plan Stage 4: Secondary and Primary Data Collection Stage 5: Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis Stage 6: Evaluation and Presentation of findings Fig: Flow Chart for research design 4.1.2 Step-by-step Explanation Stage 1: Research Proposal Topic is the main subject of any research. Identify a suitable research topic is very difficult task. The topic needs to support by various secondary sources of data. After selecting topic a research proposal is essential. This two are the most important task for any research. It is assume that 6 days are enough for the first stage of the research. Stage 2: Extensive Research on Literature It is the most important part as all the supported evidences are collected from Literature review. Among several literatures the most related 5 or seven literatures need to select and then make a research on the literature. It is assume that 3 days are enough for this stage. Stage 3: Find Suitable Research Methodology and Creating Research Plan As the whole research is depend on the research design it is need to carefully create. All tasks follow the research methodology and the research plan. It is assume that 4 days are enough for this stage. Stage 4: Secondary and Primary Data Collection Data collection is the most important part of the research. For this research primary and secondary data need to collect. It is assume that 7 days are enough for this stage. Stage 5: Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis The result of the research depends on data analysis. Both qualitative and quantitative data need to analysis for the result of the research. It is assume that 4 days are enough for this stage. Stage 6: Presentation and evaluation of findings Analysed data is very easy to evaluate and presented. It is assume that 5 days are enough for the presentation and evaluation of data. 4.2 Data Collection 4.2.1 Secondary Data Collection Secondary data is collected throughout the Internet research, using company record, articles, journals, books and web pages. In this section the topic related data is selected and summaries all of them. The data sources are given below: Turnover is a silent but significant profit killer. By Arun Kottolli (2010), Employee Turnover Kills Profits. Keeping good employees is a challenge that all organizations share and it becomes even more difficult as labour markets tighten, by Robert L. Mathis and John H. Jackson. (2008:76), Human Resources Management Retention of human resources must be viewed as a strategic business issue by Anne Bruce, How to motivate every employee Nelson (2003) writes in The Ten Ironies of Motivation that, I have known for yearsthat money isnt everything when it comes to employment Employee retention is most critical issue facing corporate leaders as a result of the shortage of skilled labour, economic growth and employee turnover By For service-oriented careers such as account management and customer service, high turnover can lead to customer dissatisfaction. By Shelley Moore (2010) The above resources give qualitative data about the retention and organizational performance. From the data it is found that retention can change trend of employee turnover form any company. Retention makes employees motivate. It also brings job satisfaction. It gives clear definition of job responsibilities. The motivated and satisfied employees provide high level customer service. The high level customer service increase organizational performance. On the other hand employee turnover show negative impact to company. The results are hiring cost, training cost, efficiency cost and much other cost. The collection of secondary data initially shows that there is a relationship between employee turnover and organizational performance. If employees retention increases then organizational performance also increases. If employees retention decreases then organizational performance also decreases. 4.2.2 Primary Data Collection The method has been used to collect primary data. The primary data is collected by sending e-mail to 30 employees who are working KFC. A total of 10 questions have been set for every employee. From their response and activeness it is found that employees are more concern about retention that any other thing. The primary data initially shows that retention play a major role in organizational performance. Organizational performance will increase if retention increases for the organization. 4.3 Data Analysis 4.3.1 Qualitative Data Analysis Qualitative data collection is very critical task. Here some basic criteria are essential to follow. The analysis of data need to be valid, reliable, fair and must be follows some ethical issues. Valid: All the secondary data are valid. They have strong relationship with the subjects matter. They show the relation between employee retention and organizational performance. Again, all data shows the effect of employee performance. Some of the articles show the survey and research has been taking in order to decrease turnover. It is clear from the initial research that all secondary data are valid. Reliable: Qualitative data has been taken from various reliable sources. Books, articles, journals, and web pages are used to collect qualitative data. Qualitative data also collected from a sample of 30 employees. They provide qualitative data by their questions answer. Fair: Data are directly taken from sources. No modification has occurred while taking data from its sources. No data has been taken in order to support the hypothesis. Ethical issues: Qualitative data collection follows a set of agreed policies, such as literature review, secondary data collection, and primary data collection. Data is not modified of misinterpret by any one. While collecting and using data permission from the authority has been taken carefully. In case of web based data, the sources are indicated very carefully. No influence has take place in order make the result of the research similar with qualitative and quantitative data. 4.3.2 Quantitative Data Analysis Quantitative data analysis follows a set of ethical issue. It also uses the valid, reliable and fair policies. Valid: All data are taken from current employer of KFC. Questionnaire has been set in a way that employees give answer along with their own feeling about retention and organizational performance. All the data related to the topic of the research. Reliable: Data are taken from KFC employees. They are not influence to give the answer. No suggestion has been provided them regarding the questionnaire. Employees are actively reply their answer and express their free thinking. So, data is reliable. Fair: No answer has been modified in order to get positive result. Participants are always free to reply the questionnaire. Answer from the questionnaire has been taken accurately. Ethical: Data was confidential. Only the researcher saw the data. Participants are not influenced in participate the research. Participant privacy policy got priority. Data is not affected by anyone. Participate did not get reminder to reply the questionnaire. 5. PRESENTATION AND EVALUATION Analysis of Findings What is your job position? Reasons: Job position gives the overview about employees experience with the company. It also shows the time spent by employees within the organization. Majority Answer The majority answer was Team Members Conclusion Team members are able to give the most recent experience about retention. They are worried about their job duties, getting promotion and other benefits. The sample group is the right one. They can give information about retention and organization performance. If team members can work long period they can learn more about company policy and customer service. Please indicate your work experience with KFC? Reasons: Job experiences show that the employees working life experience. Higher the job experiences mean higher the knowledge about retention. Majority Answer: The majority answer was 3 to 5 years experience Conclusion: The sample of 30 people, with 3 to 5 years experiences show that all employees are aware about employee retention policies. 3 to 5 years experience can makes any one team leader or assistance manager with their experience and knowledge about the same job. But if the person changes his job frequently he or she is not qualified to get promotion and he cannot achieve much experience to increase organizational performance. Thus employees with 3 to 5 years experience can give proper information about retention and organization performance. 5.1.3 What is the level of your job satisfaction? Reasons: Job satisfaction levels provide information about employees loyalty to the organization. Satisfied employees are happy with their retention and other policies. Majority Answer: The majority answer was satisfied. Conclusion: Satisfied employees are loyal to the company. They want perform for the company for the long period of time. By doing so, employees are able to gained knowledge and skills to improve organizational overall performance. On the other hand, dissatisfied employees try to change their job and they have not enough chances to contribute organizational performance. Thus, if organizational has suitable retention policy it can keep its employees and increase overall organizational performance. How satisfied you with KFC? Reasons: This is similar to the prevision one. But, it takes the answer critically and specifically about the KFC. Majority Answer: The majority answer was Average. Conclusion: It is very difficult to distinguish the previous answer and present answer. Employees are satisfied with their job but not to KFC. Possibly, job satisfaction of KFC is good but some other policies are not good. Dissatisfaction makes employees change their job. To overcome this situation KFC need to recruit new employees. The new employees never bring expected performance for the company. As a result the performance of the organization decreases every day. How satisfied you with your Payment and other Benefits? Reasons: Payment and benefits is the indicators of employee satisfaction. If employees are satisfied with their payment and other benefits it will reduce employee turnover and increase organizational performances. Majority answer: The majority answer was average. Conclusion: KFC provides many benefits to its employees but the does not enough for employees satisfaction. The average level of job satisfaction shows that employee retention rate will decrease in KFC and its performance will decrease day by day. If KFC can satisfied its employees it can keep its employees for long period of time. Employees job experience improves KFCs overall organizational performance. Do you satisfied with your promotion policy? Reasons: Promotion policies are major indicators of employee retention. If company have suitable promotion policy, employees are very active to meet the criteria to get promotion, and continue with the same company, as a result organizational performance increase. Majority Answer: The majority answer was average. Conclusion: The answer shows that KFC promotion policy is not good enough to meet its employee satisfaction and keep them long period of time. If employees are not satisfied with their promotion policy they try to find out another job. They dont care about their duties and responsibilities. They cannot provide high level of customer service. Again the new employees need to learn more about KFCs services and customers behaviour. That will affect organizational performance. As a result organizational performance goes down. If you get better chance to other company what will you do? Reason: This shows the loyalty to the organization. If employees are not loyal to the organization they not provide high level performance. As a result, organizational performance will decrease. Majority Answer: The majority answer was Quite the Company Conclusion: Employees want to quit the organization. KFC need to appoint new employees and training them to meet customers need and wants. The new employees never provides high level customer service compare to the experienced employees. Thus KFC need suitable and accurate retention policy to increase its organizational performance. What is your view about employee retention? Reason: It will help to find out employees personal view about retention policy. Employees thinking about retention can help KFC to find out the relation between retention and organizational performance. Majority Answer: The majority answer was very helpful Conclusion: Most of the employees think that retention is very helpful for the organizational performance. New employees may have new skills but the managers also need to manage new employees. Make new employees consistence to work with existence employees is very difficult and it reduces existence employees performance as well. When an experienced employee leave the organization the gap cannot fulfil within short period of time. Thus retention has great impact on organizational performance. If retention increases organizational performance also increases. Again if turnover increases the overall organizational performance decreases. If you will be promoted as a manager of a new opening store, what is your plan for long term and constant success for your organization? Reason: This question gives chance to employees to take decision about the improvement of company performance. Majority Answer: The majority answer was Retention Policy Conclusion: Most of the employees want to improve retention policy as retention can improve organizational performance. Most of the employees believe that if employees can work long term with the company they will gain high level experience and increase organizational performance. KFC has many employees development programmes for its business success. Which is most preferable to you? Reason: Find out the most preferable methods to keep employees and increase organizational performances. Majority Answer: The majority answer was Retention Policy Conclusion: Among all the development programs employees are like retention policy for the improvement of KFC performance. The result of this question indicates that KFC need to improve its retention policy in order to increase its performance. It also shows that retention has great impact on organizational performance as most of the employees want to continue their work with KFC with good and suitable retention policies. The existing employees know the customers need and wants, they know the KFCs policy and they have experience to increase organizational performance. On the other hand the new employees have nothing, they cannot increase organizational performance. 5.2 Methodology Evaluation The selected methodology for the research is Triangulation of Positivistic and Phenomenological Paradigms. The methodology is best suited for the research as it is used two methods at the same times. The methodology is effective to find out the impact of retention on organizational performance. The data is collected by following a set of ethical rules. All the data are valid, reliable and fair. 5.3 Conclusions The research proves that retention has major impacts on organizational performance. Thus, the hypothesis is supported by the research. Finally it is found that if KFC develops better retention policies it can keep its employees. As a result KFC can increase it organizational performances. 5.4 Recommendations As the hypothesis of this research is proved and this research is made only on fast food company (KFC) so other fast food companies can make use of the results of this report for the related featured problems and to improve their performances. Both qualitative and quantitative data shows that retention can increase organizational performance. As it is concluded that with the help of good retention rate KFC can improve its business performance and profit ratio. Trained and satisfied employees can do their job more efficiently and effectively as compare to not properly trained or dissatisfied staff. As its been found that two variables, retention rate and organizational performance have positive correlation, which means that change in retention rate of employees will have effect on organizational performance. Furthermore it is advised to KFC that it should focus on employees retention rate by using different tools for retention (such as salary increase, bonuses, promotions a nd pension schemes). As this is identified that organizational performance is mostly depending on retention rate, 80%(out of 30) employees view to improve retention policy and 56%(out of 30) employee still thinking that they will quit the company if the will get any better opportunity in different company so company should take this matter seriously to enhance their organizational performance worldwide and to sustain their business profitability by improving retention policy. The methodology has some limitation to. The data is collected from a sample of 30 people. Again, only KFC employees provide data. There is no way to make sure that the target employees have replied back the questionnaire. Employee may not give the right answer. Though the limitation, this research can help further research on retention and organizational performance. All the resources have valid source identification. If KFC can take sample such as 300 or 500 employees it can make better and more relia ble research. For this research only 30 employees have been selected from 4 stores. If KFC uses more stores such as 30 to 50 stores or a region based stores such as East London or West London based stores the research will more reliable and accurate. KFC need to think broader range of research by using more money, manpower and time. In the future further research could be done on McDonald and burger king from different regions in order to see if the same pattern of research result is obtained. In addition could be targeted at managers in the future. Despite of limitations, this research can help further research in retention and organizational performance. All the data used has valid resource identification. 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